Cold Brew Coffee — Food (ish)



I pretty much live and breathe coffee. I’ve given up gluten, I’ve given up booze; the one drug that has stayed with me throughout the years, is this beautiful molecule:

caffiene molecule

My first year and a half in Seattle I was a barista, for Starbucks and then two local places. I loved it, and I have a real passion for the art that is preparing coffee.

My friends and I are heading up to Lake Chelan this weekend. We rented a big house with a pool that overlooks a beautiful lake! OMG as I am typing this during work (don’t tell please) I am just fantasizing about sitting out in the sun right by the water.

The 90 degree weather is begging me to make cold brew coffee. Cold brew coffee it’s moment for good reason; it’s easy to make, travels well, tastes wonderful & smooth, has a high caffeine content, and low acidity making it easier on the stomach. I’m a fan.

It’s been a while since I’ve made cold brew, and I had forgotten the ratio of coffee to water. I thought I would do a quick google search and be able to find it, but surprisingly I had a lot of trouble. I ended up having to do math in order to figure it out, and that is a very last resort thing for me. I pathetically employed my father to try and teach me a simple algebra equation. It’s a sad sight to see! For all those who hate numbers as much as I, here is the magic ration of coffee to water, remember it because it gives you the power to be free from the constraints of a recipe. You can use any size mason jar your heart desires without having to convert a recipe! Abstract thinkers that are also coffee lovers, please feel free to correct me if my math is it is wrong.


1oz. Coffee

4oz. Water

Cold Brew Coffee


~10 oz. of very strong (highly caffeinated coffee concentrate)


~5 minutes prep

~12 hours of patience (the hardest part of this whole thing!)


1oz. Coffee (coarsely ground)

4oz. Water


  1. Put the correct amount of coffee in whatever sized container you have (bonus points if it’s a cool jar). The jar I used held 20 oz. of water, so that’s 5 oz. coffee.
  2. Pour the correct amount of water (20 oz.)
  3. Cover and stir (or gently shake)
  4. Wait 12 hours (put it out of sight so it doesn’t torture you as much)
  5. Strain coffee with: fine mesh strainer, coffee filters (what I use), or cheesecloth (you will most likely need to strain multiple times, but it works)

I had the GREATEST weekend. Wonderful people, beautiful scenery, what more could a girl ask for? The cold brew was a hit!! I’m so blessed to have such a beautiful life.


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