Banana Pancakes (Paleo, GF) — Food


A huge roadblock in me eliminating certain foods from my diet was the fear of losing the culinary world. And as most fears go, I was completely wrong. What broke this fear is this recipe. A recipe I am SO excited to share with you! 🙂

I think the root of why food and drink fascinate me so much is the communal aspect of it. People always eat, and always have. Every person has their own style, every family, every culture, in every period of time. So many of my favorite memories since childhood center around food. Birthday cake, Christmas dinner, first dates at coffee shops, restaurants. And since I live far away from my family and childhood home, I always feel better when I make meals that remind me of family.

My grandma is a genius in the kitchen. While this is probably not one of her more sophisticated dishes, one of my childhood favorites is her Pancake PB&Js. My siblings and I used to sleepover at her house all the time, and she would always make pancakes in the morning. Then for lunch we would make a PB&J sandwich with the leftover pancakes. My ten year old self considered this twist on a PB&J pure genius.  Here is the Paleo version that my boyfriend, roommate, and I all collaborated on one hungover Sunday morning.

**NOTE on PB&J– This thing (whatever it is) is so good. I usually make a BUNCH and keep it in one of my many jars in the fridge. This recipe calls for the amount needed to use with the pancake, but you can make however much you want!

I’m a big fan of these ratios, because to me thinking of some recipes in this way keeps it from seeming complicated. You don’t need a recipe for this guy, after you’ve made it once. You’ve been making PB&J’s your whole life (maybe, I’m just assuming).



2 Greek yogurt

1 Almond butter (chunky)

1 Jam/Jelly

Think of it like an actual sandwich. Two pieces of bread, a big spoonful of almond butter and big spoonful of Jelly! However much you wish to make determines how much to use.

Pancake PB&J

Yield: enough for 1 person

~10 minutes prep

~10 minutes cooking



2 eggs

1 banana

Glob of grass fed butter


1T Almond Butter

1T of your favorite Jelly/Jam

2T Greek yogurt


For the pancake:

-Mash the banana up a little bit, and beat in eggs until combined.

-Heat skillet on med/med high heat

-Add a bit of butter- wait a bit for butter to heat

-Add about a ¼ of the batter (I like having more smaller pancakes but you can make however many you want, the world is your oyster)

-Cook, until the batter begins to bubble around the edges, and wait until it bubbles a tiny bit in the middle, then carefully flip. These are, in my experience, a heck of a lot harder to flip then normal pancakes.

For the PB&J:

-Literally just mix them all together and you are golden. Taste and adjust the ratio to your liking.


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